Feet in, covers secure. Prepare to sleep.
And, never make your bed again. ZzzSock!

ZzzSockTM  is coming to market soon
Stay warm from your nose to your toes all night long!  ZzzSock is a patented bedding product designed to keep your covers on and your feet in. ZzzSock slips onto your mattress like a pillow into a pillowcase, keeping you toasty regardless of those restless nights. And its unique construction eliminates the everyday hassle of making the bed.  
  • Fits standard twin and extra-long twin mattresses
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Multiple patterns and designs
  • Manufactured in the USA

You can call ZzzSock a comforter, blanket, zip-on bedding or even a sleeping bag for your bed, Co-founders Kyle Blatt and Jeff Blethen call ZzzSock a great night’s sleep.

Email ZzzSock: contact@zzzsock.com